The SRDC Worldwide Technical Charting Analysis system is an extensive, ever-growing syllabus put together that not only consists of methodology, but requires a lot of psychology. 

Teaching in the SRDC Worldwide community are not only limited to our mentor, OrangeRoshan nor only the instructors. We allow progressive upgrades from someone starting out fresh in the community, to progressively providing coaching/tutoring as a sub-mentor to our friends who also signup from our own recommendations.

Now, what are the benefits that we can obtain from doing so?

Sub-mentoring / Tutoring/ Coaching  (referred to as sub-mentors from here-on)

Benefits for Traders being sub-mentored.

1) When we recommend SRDC to a friend or acquaintance, we will usually be assigned as sub-mentor to the individual. This usually means we have a strong connection/know this person better than anyone else in the community at this point. Since SRDC consists of both method and psychology, this allows us to tailor the lessons to each individual’s learning styles.

2) Sub-mentors can present information in different ways that will help in allowing students/newer traders to grasp certain concepts (different personalities allow for this to happen). More often than not, due to this personal level of coaching, we can open up to our sub-mentors in areas we might not want to with mere acquaintances.

3) With this, traders/students often lead the way when it comes to sub-mentoring; by requesting help with specific tasks and/or assignments. This allows the gaps to be filled in by more experienced traders/sub-mentors. On top of reinforcing what has been taught in our monthly “USU” classes (official lessons), they can also help traders to study certain skills/techniques that allow them to benefit; mostly from personal experience or when it can be related to the student.

4) A very strong point about the difference between instructors teaching and sub-mentoring, is that the syllabus will be taught as a subject; however the sub-mentors will pay more attention to the student/trader individual needs.

Benefits for Traders providing the sub-mentoring

 SRDC Worldwide has cultivated this practice of learning through teaching since 2008, and many traders have benefitted in many ways. Traders who  find the time to teach/mentor have found that :

1) They have greatly improved their OWN understanding of a subject that was needed to be taught/revised. This is contributed greatly by mentors whom understand that the SRDC TCA techniques have certain ratio/success rates that need to be first understood before being able to be taught and communicated to their mentees.

2) They have induced commitment to succeed. Just a like going to the gym or in a group, there are ups and downs in life. sub mentors are there for the good times and bad times. This is a reciprocal effect as both mentors and mentees can lift and function as a team; some so competent with one another that allows them to learn even quicker with synergy.

There is a common assumption that a trader should only teach when they are fluent/well-versed so-to-speak with SRDC TCA techniques. We strongly believe that subjects/recommendations should be first tested before referring people to something, however it is also important for traders to understand that