SRDC Worldwide Registration Guide (Main Site) : Updated 24062015

Welcome! Whether you happen to be an existing community member or not, you have stumbled upon the guide of how to REGISTER to the MAIN WEBSITE & FORUMS(Separate Sign Ups) as of the date stipulated above in the main title. New to SRDC Worldwide? Follow this guide to register and be on the first step to joining as a FULLY FLEDGED Member.

* Note : Traders should first Register on the MAIN WEBSITE ( and subsequently register for a FORUM ACCOUNT (

For those of you who have not been approved for your account access : Please first check to see whether you have filled up ALL your necessary form details  (all fields NECESSARY except payment information for those of you who do not have the proof of payment); when all fails, do e-mail after 2-3 working days with your inquiry. Thank you for being patient as we upgrade our systems in the near future.