1 Dinar (4.25g) & 1/2 Dinar (2.125g)

A ‘Dinar’ weighs 4.25 grams of 99.9% Pure Gold (Au) ; and based on this denomination, the half ‘Dinar’ (1/2) is exactly 2.125 grams. All Dinar and Dirham Coins come with a airtight casing to preserve their mint state.

The First Gold Dinar

The gold coins were first struck to the contemporary standard of 4.4 grams and with one or more Arabic Standing figures on the obverse and an Arabic legend on the reverse. Dated coins exist from 74 AH and are named as ‘Dinars’. These experimental issues were replaced in 77 AH, except in North Africa and Spain, by completely epigraphical designs very similar to the designs adopted for the silver pieces but with a shorter reverse legend and no annulets or inner circles. This type was used without appreciable change for the whole of Umayyad period, the coins being struck to a new and carefully controlled standard of 4.25 grams. This weight was reputed to be based on the average of the current Byzantine solidi, was called a Mithqal, a term used earlier for 1/72 of a ratl. Evidence of the importance attached to the close control of the new Dinars is provided by the existence of glass weights, mainly from Egypt. They usually show the governor’s name, sometimes the date but all marked with coin denomination.

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1 Dinar / Half Dinar

Production : 2012/2013

Weight : 4.250 g / 2.125 g

Purity : Au 99.9%

Diameter : 22mm

Dinar Prices

Dinar Products
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1/2 Dinar Coin417.00171.60
1 Dinar Coin834.00343.21

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