Caring Support From a Mentor

1. Overview  —–  2. A Highly Consistent Trading Method  —–  3.An Unmatched Learning Environment  —–  4. Caring Support from a Mentor  —–  5. A Culture of Continuing Education

The SRDC TCA Course also utilizes another highly effective learning resource: mentors.

Students are assigned to other students who will serve as their mentor throughout the program.

Mentors assist, guide and serve as moral and practical support in completing the challenging but fulfilling requirements asked of each student in the SRDC TCA Course.

The role of an SRDC mentor is to provide a safe and supportive environment for his/her mentee to improve their own individual skills as an SRDC trader.  The mentor supplements the SRDC TCA Course by providing personal attention to each student to ensure a greater chance of success.



Mentors also likewise receive mutual benefit from this by being able to learn more via sharing.  This creates a mutually beneficial relationship to enhance both students’ understanding of the SRDC system.