Instructors & Centre Owners


Salwana Hj Salim

Instructor / Co-Founder

Ms. Salwana Hj Salim is a graduate From the University Of Brunei Darussalam with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

At the young age of 20, she began her journey as an entrepreneur with a small business.

She then established YESINV Management Services Sdn Bhd four years later in 2008, a training company with a diverse offering of educational services with the SRDC program as its flagship course.

In 2011 She ventured out into precious metals distribution by forming YESINV Goldsmith Company and sister company YesRufus Goldsmith to supply, import and export gold and silver in Brunei and Malaysia respectively. Her precious metals companies currently distribute various types of gold and silver products including SRDC branded dinar and dirham throughout the region.

With over eight years of experience trading using the SRDC system being mentored directly by OrangeRoshan, Salwana has used her experience to not only grow her investments but more importantly help others in their investments as well.

While her success as an SRDC trader and businesswoman has found fame within the SRDC community and beyond, her graceful humility and strong yet warm personality manages to create an impeccable balance. When not trading or working on her business, Salwana likes to exercise, shop and exercise by shopping. Her style, like her personality, is a balance of traditional and modern. Spot her in any of her million looks; a flashy hijab matched perfectly with high cut sneaker boots evoking "hipster hijabi" or a high heeled all black ensemble and turban.