About SRDC Worldwide

Who Are We?

It’s a question that gets asked often, and is often met with as many enthusiastic answers as there are nationalities within SRDC.  On one hand SRDC is simply the trading system that founder Hj Aman Tahir a.k.a  OrangeRoshan has used and developed to earn from  trading derivative markets.  On the other hand it’s also the learning program that’s being shared by SRDC training centers in 7 countries worldwide.  And even more importantly it also represents the community of traders that has grown around the system, schools and Orange Roshan himself.

It may be accurate to assume that SRDC is all three.  At its very core however it’s all and  none of the above.  The old adage of the whole being more than the sum of all its parts applies here.  While it may have started as a trading system that is making waves due to its consistency and profitability, it has grown far beyond that.  It also goes further beyond the  learning program that shares the system, one that breaks the mold of educational systems to ensure a more genuine learning experience. And yes, it goes even further beyond the community, a growing multitude of leaders willing to volunteer their time for a worthy cause.  On their own they serve as solid pieces to hinge an organization on but the key to what SRDC is what we stand for.

We stand for sharing the real workings of how wealth is created, transferred and manipulated in the world today.  All our actions are driven by the need to uncover these truths, equip people with the right tools so they may able to empower themselves and others around them.

It’s this relentless passion that has built this organization.  Because it’s a cause worth working towards.

Think positive. Trade Different. – Hj Aman tahir a.k.a. Orange Roshan

SRDC’s Origins

The origins of SRDC Worldwide came from the vision of one man,  Hj Aman Tahir, more popularly known by his trading name, OrangeRoshan.  As a student of a market maker, OrangeRoshan learned the underlying reason of financial market movements through the trading system which would eventually be named SRDC (Support Resistance Daily candle).

This system was then passed onto others, first through trading forums and personal friends and colleagues.  The system shared eventually caught like wildfire and has given birth to a formal learning environment and a community.

Today, the SRDC Worldwide community expands and reaches to over 22 countries worldwide with bases in 5 countries and growing.  

Integrity in Trading

SRDC Worldwide is a community of investors dedicated to spreading financial education.

We believe that the community thrives when there is a genuine relationship grounded on respect, real learning and transparency. It begins with the learning program. SRDC authorized training centers do not receive commissions from brokers for referring clients. Likewise, SRDC enrolled traders do not receive any commissions for any referred students, worldwide.

This keeps an honest relationship between SRDC students and the public. We also expect the same principles of integrity from SRDC traders. Individual traders are not permitted to earn from trading related activities other than trading their own funds.

Fund managing

With the exception of SRDC enrolled students who are employed by a financial institution to manage funds and/or are licensed to manage funds (i.e. CFA), SRDC traders are prohibited from engaging in such activities. SRDC Enrolled students whom are authorized to fund manage are also requested to register with SRDC Worldwide headquarters.

Trading Related Commissions

SRDC traders are prohibited from promoting trading signals, brokers and other trading related products/services that provide commissions or other forms of compensation in return for referring clients.

Misrepresentation and Unauthorized Distribution of SRDC course

SRDC students are not authorized to teach the SRDC course. This also includes using the SRDC system to create trading signals and/or robots for commercial use.

The purpose for these rules are clear. It helps traders focus on the main goal, which is profitability in their own investments. It also protects our traders from getting involved in practices such as illegal fund managing, unethical commission based recruitment schemes, negligent instruction of the SRDC course and other unethical and illegal acts. It also allows us to foster an environment where people genuinely help others without financial gain. It builds a community rooted on lifetime learning through involvement.

These are values we have been and will always be proud to uphold.

This is what we call SRDC Worldwide’s integrity in trading.

To inquire or report any suspicious violations from SRDC Traders or individuals claiming to represent SRDC, kindly contact us at: compliance[@]srdcww.com