A Culture of Continuing Education

We believe that the learning continues well after the completion of the course, which is why we have provided a sustainable and genuine way to ensure progress in our traders.

1. Overview  —–  2. A Highly Consistent Trading Method  —–  3.An Unmatched Learning Environment  —–  4. Caring Support from a Mentor  —–  5. A Culture of Continuing Education

Lifetime Support for Class Attendance

Students are given access and are encouraged to attend market reviews (sessions which discuss the recent moves in financial markets in terms of the SRDC syllabus) and even classes even after completing the program.  This allows our traders to continue honing their skills for their current investments.

Goal Setting and Monitoring

During the SRDC TCA Course, students are asked to set certain goals for their trading investments using the SRDC system.  We’ve made it a point to make sure students are also able to track progress after they complete the course and well into their actual investments.  This allows students to apply their understandings in real world scenarios, monitor their progress and adjust and/or refine when necessary with the help of a supportive environment via refresher classes and a mentor.

Advanced Studies

Due to the complex nature of market orchestration, the vast body of knowledge requires a lifetime of commitment to fully understand it.  The SRDC TCA Course provides a comprehensive view of market orchestration and already shares a highly effective and accurate strategy that is consistently profitable.  Key students who wish to pursue further studies are also given the opportunity to do so without additional tuition.  Such scholars are given certain academic and leadership requirements as an apprenticeship as part of their contribution to the SRDC academic community.


Interested individuals may inquire, fill up an application form and schedule an interview for entrance into the SRDC TCA Course here. 

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